Peak Brain Team

Peak Brain – Bio- and Neurofeedback

For 10 years we operate a renowned therapeutic practice in Hannover. In the field of occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech therapy, we have always worked holistically and interdisciplinary.

Throughout the last 5 years we have become the biggest practice for bio- and neurofeedback in Germany through a lot of commitment and diligence. We work with the latest scientifically methods to offer you the best knowledge we have.

Normen Schack, 27.12.1973

  • Competitive sport climber
  • DAV trainer: sport-climbing
  • 25 years water sport: –  sailboarding, kiten, waterski
  • Since 2000 officially recognized occupational therapist, div. therapeutic further education.
  • (Affolter therapis, Perfetti, SI, Bobath, learining disorder, basale stimulation, NLP etc.);
  • since 2006 owner of practice: „Ergotherapie und Neurofeedback in Hannover“;
  • 2007 exam: systemic consulting
  • 2016 sectoral health practitioner: occupational therapy
  • 2017 member of the scientific team of Dr. Joe Dispenza

  • Since 2008 neurofeedback and biofeedback IFEN neurofeedback-therapist, BCIA therapist in education, tutor for neuro,- and biofeedback;
    Systems: Brainmaster Atlantis, Brainmaster Discovery, Brainavatar, Neuroguide + SLORETA/ NFB2, NeuroConn /Theraprax, Nexus, heart-rate-variability Biosign and more
  • Neurofeedback Peak Performance Coach of world ranking tennis players, musicians, IT management, racer and so on
  • types of training: Z-Score training, training of amplitudes; alpha-theta training, alpha peak frequences training, SMR, gamma, peak performance, ISF training, SLORETA training, SCP, NFB-2, Biofeedback;
  • certified teaching therapist for neurofeedback (IFEN)
  • Since 2017 member of the scientific team of Dr. Joe Dispenza
Frank Hegger

professional focus:

  • officially recognized Occupational therapist since 1999
  • health practicioner: occupational therapy
  • specific orientation:
    • neuro- and biofeedback, QEEG
    • parental trainig: ADHD
    • therapy of sensory-integration
    • therapeutic climbing

  • climbing (DAV)
  • triathlon (sprint distance, olympic distance and half distance)

Important techniques in our coaching are


Entspannung und Meditation


Psychologische Tools

Körperarbeit und Körpererfahrung

Physische und psychische Analysen